Our Values

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – St. Francis of Assisi

Dela Calzada Law Office is a team of young, passionate and dedicated legal professionals and staff who delivers client-focused solutions with integrity as a guide and excellence as the only standard.



Our MISSION is to help our clients achieve their goals. We do this by providing each client with skilled and ethically sound legal advice in a timely and efficient manner. Here in Dela Calzada Law Office, we believe that civil argument and legal reasoning are the path to peaceful resolutions and progress.



Our VISION is to build a reputation of being the ethical law firm that satisfies each of our clients’ needs — one client, and one successful outcome, at a time. We will continue to expand the depth of our practice and add more to our team in order to provide our clients with a broad range of legal services.



Our core values guide us in the way we interact with our clients and each other. They are the standards to which we hold ourselves accountable in all that we do in this firm.


We are dedicated to the highest moral and ethical standards in our decisions, actions and communications.

  • VIGOR.

We are passionate. We will represent your interests with zeal and sincerity, applying all of our skills and all of our energy into defending your cause and protecting your rights.


We are responsible and accountable for all our actions and the results of our work, both personally and as a team effort. In protecting your rights and defending your cause, we commit 100% with excellence and integrity.


We will prove to you our worthiness of the value you have placed on our service. We will merit your trust and confidence by continually pursuing excellence, for we believe that it is the path not just to our success as a firm but our fulfilment as individuals.