How to Apply for Agricultural Free Patent


What is free patent? And is it the same as a land title?

A free patent is a grant of land by the government given to natural-born Filipino citizens who is not the owner of more than 12 hectares of land, and has continuously occupied and cultivated, either by himself or through his predecessors-in-interest a tract or tracts of agricultural public lands subject to disposition; and shall have paid the real taxes thereon while the same has not been occupied by any person. Upon such grant, a certificate of title is issued in his favour. Thus, while the two concepts are sometimes used interchangeably, the free patent is the grant of ownership while the land title is the proof of ownership of land.

So what are the requirements of getting an agricultural free patent and what is the procedure? Here they are.

Checklist / Documentary Requirements:

  1. Duly accomplished Free Patent Application and prescribed forms
  2. Any document showing identity of land
  3. Proof of claims of ownership
  4. Certified true copy of Approved Survey Plan or Cadastral Map
  5. Copy of technical description
  6. Certification from the Regional Trial Court concerned that there is no pending land registration case involving the parcel being applied for
  7. Certification that the land is A and D
  8. Certification of status of land from LRA, if the municipality is under cadastral proceedings or if there is an old survey (Private and Original Survey)
  9. Documentary Stamps
  10. Payment of Application Fee (PHP 50.00)

Simplified Process:

Community Environment and Natural Resources Office (CENRO)

  1. Submit accomplished Application Form with complete supporting requirements
  2. Pay corresponding application fee
  3. Submit Official Receipt (OR) for forwarding to the Land Management Inspector (LMI) or Deputized Public Land Inspector (DPLI) for inspection / investigation
  4. The LMI / DPLI will post notices in the barangay, municipal or provincial hall where the property is situated and simultaneously conduct investigation on the land being applied for
  5. 15 days after posting, LMI / DPLI will forward signed proof of posting and investigation report to LMO I
  6. LMO I will forward the carpeta, V37/certified lot data computation, Order of Award, and Judicial Form to the Geodetic Engineer
  7. Geodetic Engineer will forward the verified and certified correct technical description to Chief, RPS
  8. Chief, RPS will forward the carpeta to CENRO for recommendation
  9. CENRO will initial file copy of Patent and Sign Indorsement to PENRO for approval

Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO)

  1. Chief, Technical Services Division (TSD) will perform final review of carpeta, initial file copy of Free Patent, and forward to pENRO for approval of application and issuance of Patent
  2. PENRO will sign Order of Approval and Free Patent
  3. PENRO Records Section will assign Patent Number / Indexing
  4. PENRO will transmit the records to the Registry of Deeds and copy furnish the client


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  1. Asuncion Dasmarinas

    Ano po ang mga babayaran ko. Magbabayad p b ako ng capital gain tax or estate tax . May land title bang ibibigay in my name na. Thanks

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